LSU Academy offers its services again

Due to the current situation (Covid-19) in the past months we could not offer our seminars as usual . Therefore, we are all the more pleased that we are now starting again and that the first trainings have already been successfully conducted.

Of course, we have created a conclusive hygiene concept for the protection of our instructors and the training participants and have adapted the number of participants and the course schedule accordingly.

Please contact us for further information.

LSU continues to be member of the IHK Vollversammlung

From 6 to 28 July 2020, the companies that are part of the IHK Stuttgart voted their representatives to the IHK Vollversammlung.

We are happy that LSU Schäberle will continue to be represented by Thomas Schäberle in the IHK Vollversammlung for the coming period 2021 to 2024.

For Thomas Schäberle it is already the 3rd election to this important committee.

LSU Schäberle supports the women`s shelter Ludwigsburg

Together with the association “Frauen für Frauen” and “Ikea Ludwigsburg”, LSU Schäberle has supported the women’s shelter in Ludwigsburg by delivering new beds.

LSU Schäberle processed the transport with its own 7.5 tonne truck in order to bring the new beds safely to their destination.

According to official figures, the number of domestic assaults is rising, especially during the Corona period. “That`s the reason why we all have to work together to help counteract this negative effect as best we can,” emphasizes Thomas Schäberle.

LSU Schäberle obtains own 5G-License as first logistics service provider

The german “Bundesnetzagentur” approved the application for a company-owned 5G network from LSU Schäberle at the beginning of April 2020. This makes the company the first logistics service provider in Germany with its own 5G license. “As a logistics specialist for hazardous materials, safety and a high level of transparency in our complex logistics processes are essential. The new mobile phone standard helps us to guarantee these requirements,” says Thomas Schäberle, CEO of LSU Schäberle.

High data rate, short reaction time

The advantages are obvious: With your own 5G network, we can not only transmit larger amounts of data, the new mobile phone standard also reacts much faster. This enables data to be transmitted almost in real time. “This gives us the opportunity to drive technological changes forward,” explains Schäberle. The high data transmission rate within the 5G network guarantees, among other things, smooth processes within the supply and process chain and is thus a prerequisite for automating operating procedures accordingly.

Automating and digitizing operating processes

The planned 5G campus network is intended to mobilize and automate large areas within operational processes. A new logistics warehouse especially for hazardous materials, which will be completed in July 2021, can now benefit from the diverse possibilities offered by “private LTE/5G technology” even during the planning phase. “We have the ambition to build one of the most modern and innovative hazardous materials warehouses in Germany,” Schäberle emphasizes.

Innovative use cases planned with 5G

In the future, industrial trucks such as forklifts will have mobile access to servers and databases via the 5G campus network, so that processes within LSU Schäberle’s extensive logistics warehouses can be digitized to a large extent. In addition, the company’s own 5G technology offers numerous possibilities for autonomous picking processes. As further planned use cases, LSU Schäberle is aiming for autonomous industrial forklift trucks, especially hi-rackers and fully an automated yard management system, as well as comprehensive and high-resolution video surveillance, state-of-the-art access control and digital facility management. “In this way, 5G provides real added value for the company and, of course, for our customers,” says the CEO, underlining his decision to invest in the 5G network at an early stage.

“In addition, our own 5G campus network will make us independent of the major mobile and telecommunications providers, giving us a greater degree of control over our data and making us more independent of any potential incidents,” concludes Thomas Schäberle.

We build. For you!

At our location in Stuttgart, we are building a further logistics centre with approx. 30,000 pallet spaces in addition to our existing 75,000 pallet spaces, primarily to the requirements of the chemical industry. In addition to hazardous substances and water-polluting substances, chemical raw materials can also be stored in here.

Planned completion date: July 2021

Get ready for operational reliability and growth and secure your space in our new logistics centre right now.

If there is a short-term need for storage space, we have solutions ready to be implemented into your supply-chain, too.

Please contact us!

Phone:                             +49 (0)711 83009 50

Our App is available

LSU@Work is the APP for customers and employees of LSU Schäberle.

For our customers the LSU@Work App offers integrated functions such as price inquiries, order entry and tracking and tracing. Under the motto “LSU@Work – Ready 4 Future” you develop the App further together with us in the future and thus, for example, expand features such as our customer cockpit with KPI that really interest you.

Curious? Simply download the app! We are looking forward to your feedback!

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Well prepared: Preventive measures for coronavirus

The developments, particularly in recent days, concerning the coronavirus have not passed anyone by. We are also directly affected by the consequences for private individuals and companies.

As a company, we want to protect our employees and customers, but we also want to ensure that our operational processes are secure at all times. To this end, we have taken comprehensive precautions to minimize health and operational risks in all directions.

  • Our employees are informed and trained with regard to the observance of basic and preventive hygiene measures (regular washing of hands, no shaking of hands, keeping a minimum distance of 1.5 m, etc.)
  • In the commercial area, we have separated the individual departments spatially so that we have two self-sufficient back-up teams.
  • In the operational warehouse area there is no overlapping of the individual shifts.
  • Out-of-house appointments of our employees and external visitors on our company premises are limited to the most necessary.
  • In contact with drivers and in connection with the handing over of papers, disinfectants and disposable gloves were made available to our employees.
  • The daily cleaning and disinfection measures were significantly increased.

By introducing and sustainably implementing these measures, we are convinced that we can guarantee the highest possible level of safety without restricting our processes too much.

If you as a customer have further questions about our prevention concept, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.