Dangerous Goods

LSU Schäberle is the specialist for hazardous materials logistics and hazardous goods transportation: Our experienced team routinely manages storage and transportation by land, sea and air. In our hazardous materials warehouses, our customers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have over 85,000 pallet spaces for hazardous materials at their disposal. Thanks to our more than four decades of experience in hazardous materials logistics, we are one of the largest German service providers in this segment.

Dangerous Goods

Our hazardous materials storage facilities are approved in accordance with:

• Industrial Safety Regulation

• Federal Immission Control Act

• Water Resources Act

A comprehensive safety management system ensures optimum protection of people and the environment. Our hazardous materials storage facilities are subject to the extended obligations of the Ordinance on Major Accidents. Since 2006 we have been certified according to SQAS and thus qualified for the top class of chemical service providers.

All our hazardous materials storage facilities are equipped with fire protection systems such as a fully automated oxy-reduct system, CO² extinguishing system, foam extinguishing system and sprinkler system. This gives us the greatest possible flexibility to store hazardous substances in storage classes 2-6 and 8-13 and water hazard classes 1-3.