Vaccination rate at LSU: at 93%, well above the national average

Already at the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020, LSU Schäberle focused on the health of its employees with a comprehensive hygiene concept at the workplace. “Only in this way can we ensure long-term safety for our customers in our joint transport and logistics processes”, Thomas Schäberle confirms the decision made at that time to have maintained a comprehensive hygiene concept, distance rules and a mask requirement at the workplace long before the legal obligation and also beyond.
Now, about one and a half years after the beginning and still in the middle of the pandemic, the vaccination and recovery rate at LSU is over 93%. Thomas Schäberle and the entire LSU team are proud of this jointly achieved performance: “This clearly showed that our open and sustained communication on the subject of Corona was well received by our employees and that the willingness to vaccinate was and is very high. Even with 3G mandatory in the workplace since the end of last week, we are safe on the road with this vaccination rate and can continue to offer our customers the quality they have come to expect from us without any restrictions.”